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The Importance Of Travelling Tour Helicopters

Grand Canyon helicopters are among the best type of airplanes used for transport. They have been used in the past years for a very long period of time. The items are of a good quality and very nice. The airplanes should be used in the correct purpose to serve them for a long period of time.

Companies making these different products use a variety of materials. They make sure that all their items have a durable material. The items are light and can go to different heights because of their materials. These products can also be coated with a different type of metal. The coating prevents rust and other oxidation effects. Materials used are suitable for the tours provided in the area.

Firms selling these different assets are in different parts of the country. They are always open and have very friendly workers. They ensure that customers are provided with a good welcome. They help to guide them through the firm showing them samples of different products. The customers are allowed to view the items and ask any questions. Specialists are always available to answer these different questions. The shops also have got booklets with this different information. They have to read and go through the books to get some additional information on the items.

Prices differ from one dealer to another. Companies also have different prices they use. The prices at times depend on the design and size of the helicopter. Products cheap compared to other types of products. While using them customers should make sure they follow the correct instructions. Those willing to buy can get them through hire purchase or instant buying. They can use different ways to pay for the products. Companies allow them to use credit cards or gift cards. They can also deposit the cash in their bank accounts.

Purchasing of these products can be done through the internet. It is a safe and faster way of getting the assets. Those willing can also log in the different websites and select on the products they need. They are provided with a variety of products to choose from. The sites display the item with different special instructions customers should know. The instructions can be very productive and may guide an individual on what to buy.

Companies and firms buying these airplanes can decide on the size they need. They can carry up to a maximum of five passengers. They are very comfortable. The seats are made using good and quality fibers. The inside of the products is very luxurious. They have got other additional items such as the fans and heaters. The variety of types makes them unique and admirable.

Customized products however look smart and presentable. Individuals can decide to personalize their products. The manufacturers have got different methods they use to write these different names. Companies also write their names and their logo.

Grand Canyon helicopters should be maintained well. Those controlling them have to be experienced and qualified. They are easy to control if instructions are followed carefully. Manufacturers should be contacted in case of any problem.

The Importance of Recreation and Sports

There is no doubt that the day and age which we live in today is full of many achievements that man has created. Most of these achievements are in relation to technological developments that have made our lives a lot easier in comparison to the early seventies. Even though technological advancements have been known to bring countless benefits to the environment and the way in which we practice our lifestyle, it has also bought a few concerns that many tend to over look.

One of the biggest concerns which most experts claim that has been affected the most for the worst is ones health. Many people have become so reliable on technology and other advancements that the average person is known to only use 55% of their body’s energy.

What that means is that many people in the current day and age are faced with being over weight. A recent study has shown that the more over weight a person is the higher chance they have of suffering from various illnesses and diseases.

Some of the most common diseases that one can face due to being over weight include diabetes and heart related illnesses. It is for this very reason that a lot of emphasis and effort has been put towards getting more people involved in various recreation and sport activities. Since the new millennium, there has been a decrease of around 56% in people not participating in sport and recreational activities. This figure is mainly known to contain a large number of individuals that fall under the youth category.

Nowadays, the youth is more concerned with playing video games and watching TV, rather than getting involved in physical activities. This is one of the reasons why many young individuals are facing a number of health related issues at such a young age. It is important that one tries to encourage the youth to get involved as much as they can in various recreational and sporting activities.

There are many ways by which a person can get the youth involved in various sports. What most educational institutions have been seen to do is make sports a compulsory subject at all levels. The minimum number of sports and recreational activities that one can sign up for is one with the maximum being three. Following this procedure ensures that every youth that is currently studying at high school or college level is under going some form of physical activity.

Other ways by which you can get the youth involved in recreational and sporting activities is by promoting contests at community level. Try getting the youth of your community to make a team in various popular sports so that you can compete against other neighboring communities.

Having some form of competitive nature in promoting the youth to join various sports has been known to be quite successful. It is important to make sure that one remains persistent in trying to get their youth to get involved in various activities. It is best to promote those games that are famously watched in your country.

The Best Car Rental Company In Kuta

When travelling the beautiful expanses of Indonesia, an individual tourist just cant miss visiting the mystic Island of Bali. The Island of Bali which is to the south of Indonesia is home to one of the oldest Hindu temples in the world. The island never fails to amaze visiting tourists with its scenic mountains and glorious heritage sites. The local language spoken is Balinese. Travelling to Bali can be a tantalizing experience for the average travelers. However, travelling the island on foot can be tiresome so it is always advisable to hire a car from the local Bali car rental companies. The Kuta Bali rent car company is one of the best and the most sought after, among other Bali car rental companies. They specialize in renting cars to foreign travelers who come to Bali for the first time. Most of the cars that they rent out to their customers are mid size luxury cars such as Toyota Corolla, Altis, Suzuki grand Vitara, and Toyota Rush on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Each car rented out is in perfect condition and accustomed to the individual tourists needs. Most of these cars are very popular among tourist families who visit Bali on a vacation.

The Kuta Bali Rent car company also provides their customers with cheap and affordable car rental plans with unbeatable prices. There are many car rental companies which offer you a cheap price car for hire in Bali Island but those cars may not be high on the quality. Unlike others this car rental company has special section of engineers, technicians and mechanics that constantly service and maintain the cars before being rented out to their customers. This ensures the smooth functioning of the car and complete safety of the passengers while travelling. Thus hardly will you find cars of this car rental company, having problems such as a fuel leak, oil change or a car breakdown when travelling. Thus giving each of the companys customers a value for the money spent. They also provide drop and pick up from the Airport to the location where you are staying.

In case you are travelling alone or are on a budget, this Kuta Bali car company also provides a low cost option such as two wheelers. You can also choose from a wide range of sleek two wheeler models such as the sleek Honda Tiger and Honda Supra prices.

The drivers provided by the company are well versed in English and Balinese and they also double up as tour guides when travelling through Bali. Apart from car rental services the company provides travel and tourism services in and around the Island of Bali. The company also is well known for its car rental services and leaves no stone unturned when guaranteeing the complete satisfaction to their customers.

Romantic City of Paris in Winter

A friend told me to take a chance to visit Paris City when traveling to Western Europe. The capital of the French Country is known as a romantic city, where many films, books tell a lot of romantic romance with the background of Paris. In the City of Paris are many people who do not hesitate to express feelings unfortunately in public. But Paris as one of the crowded and busy cities makes its residents seem chased by time and rush in their daily life.

The city of Paris is also known as the fashion center of the world. As a fashion center of course there are many boutique shops from various world renowned brands, especially for fashion products such as bags, shoes, clothing and cosmetics. Many Indonesian people who spend time in this city to shop for goods from famous brands because the price is cheaper than the price in Indonesia is also a tax refund or tax refund for tourists who shop there. Paris’s famous shopping venue is the area on the Champs Elysees, a street where there is a row of shops from world-renowned brands. Here is also the Arc de Triomphe Monument which is a Victory Monument built on the orders of Napoleon Bonaparte to commemorate the service of his great army.

In addition to shopping, Paris City is better known as the Eiffel Tower. The iron tower designed by Gustavo Eiffel in 1889 has a height of 325 meters is the tallest building in Paris to date. Eiffel Tower is the most popular tourist destination of tourists from various countries, this tower can be accessed up to the top by using stairs and elevators are divided into two parts, namely the top and level two. Tickets to access the Eiffel Tower up to level two reach 9 euros and 15.5 euros for adult tourists to reach the top of the tower. From the top of the tower, you can see the beautiful views of Paris City. Eiffel Tower looks more beautiful at the time of the night where the lights in the tower began to ignite and visible from a distance.

Another place visited by many tourists in Paris is the Musee de Louvre, one of the largest museums in the world that began on August 10, 1793. The museum has paintings of over 7500 pieces, sculptures, ceramics, drawings, prints and various art relics others are so full of historical value. In 1989, the Louvre Glass Pyramid was completed and this pyramid became one of the objects of photography for tourists who visited the City of Paris. To enter this museum, visitors should reserve tickets in advance so as not to have to queue for too long. The 12 Euro museum entrance ticket does not include an exhibition at the Napoleon Hall which costs an additional 13 Euros. Because the Louvre Museum is so extensive it takes almost a day to explore this museum with the many works of art shown.

Not far from this museum, you can walk to the Pont des Arts Bridge which is Love Locks, where couples from various corners of the world come to place a padlock that bears their name on the bridge and throws a padlock to the Seine River underneath it for their eternal love affair. But on May 31, 2015, the Paris government moved the bridge fence filled with this padlock because of the load from the padlock damaging this bridge. From Pont Des Arts, you can also walk to Notre Dame Cathedral. This Catholic cathedral has historical value with good Gothic French architectural style, it is also one of the largest and most famous churches in the world.

For those of you art lovers, do not miss your visit to the north of Paris, Montmarte. This area is known as the Basilica of the Sacré Cœur with its white dome tops. This area is the workplace or studio of world-renowned artists such as Vincent Van Gogh or Claude Monet. So in this region many beautiful and unique buildings. But it would be better if you visit this region during the day because at night, this area is quite vulnerable, especially for tourists who do not know this area well.

As a fan of the story of Maria Antoinette, wife of King Louis XVI, then I would very much like to visit the residence of the Versailles Palace located 20 km outside the center of Paris. This palace became the center of power after the removal of King Louis XIV from Paris to Versailles in 1682 until the start of the French Revolution in 1789. To enter the Palace of Versailles, visitors must spend the cost of 18 euros and should buy tickets earlier in order not to need to queue enough long. The palace is not only famous for its buildings but also its very beautiful garden. However, due to my arrival to this palace in winter, there is not much to see because there are not many plants and flowers that grow and bloom. In the Palace of Versailles, visitors can watch various videos about the history of France associated with this palace, especially since the time of Louis XIV until the French Revolution. Some rooms in the palace show the room and bedroom occupied by the King and Queen of France at that time. For you lovers of art and history, you will feel satisfied with the various statues, paintings and other objects that are in all corners of this Versailles Palace.

Paris is indeed a romantic city, not because of its inhabitants, stories and films about this city, but also because of history and art that have remained well preserved to this day.

Exploring the Kangaroo Country – Australia

Australia is located in the southern hemisphere which is the smallest continent in the world. Located not far from Indonesia but Australia has a different climate, especially in the southern region, this region has 4 seasons, namely summer, autumn, cold and spring. But unlike northern hemispheres, Australia experiences winter in mid-year between June and August as well as other seasons. Australia is a commonwealth of Britain with most of its territory in Australia and Tasmania and other small islands. The natives of Australia are the Aboriginal Tribe but now the population of Australia is dominated by white citizens who are descended from Europe. Australia consists of 6 states; New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia as well as 2 territories, the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory.

Even though it is not far from Indonesia, Indonesians can not freely enter Australia because there is no visa-free agreement between the two countries. For Indonesian citizens who wish to visit Australia are required to have a visa or permit to enter a country administered at the embassy of the country concerned. Visa arrangement takes about a month, now Australia has applied electronically vise which makes this process easier. To facilitate the visa arrangement, it is better for each applicant to review the requirements of the embassy website, then complete the existing requirements properly and correctly.

In addition to having a visa, entering the Australian State must also go through immigration and customs clearance. Visitors are required to fill in the arrival form which should describe the visit in detail such as duration, place of residence. In addition, visitors must also explain the luggage by filling the column “yes” or “no”, if in doubt you should fill in the “yes” because later officers will determine the goods are allowed or not. Do not hide anything from the officer because besa is fatal. Excise taxes in Australia differ slightly from other countries, in addition to banning items such as firearms, explosives, illegal drugs and pirated goods, they also ban vegetable and animal foods both fresh and packaged and their derivative products. No need to worry too much, if visitors bring the goods you should declare (declare) on the existing form so it will be fine through the examination. In addition to the scanning machine, the examination is also done by involving a trained dog who kissed the luggage declare visitors and officers who check the goods already in declare, it would be better that the goods will be checked in one suitcase so as to facilitate and shorten the examination.

Many places can be visited in Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tasmania, Perth and so on. The Australian Capital of Australia is Canberra but Australia’s largest city is Sydney and is followed by Melbourne which is the center of economic and business activities. Australia is also known as the country Kangaroo because this animal is rarely found elsewhere. In addition to kangaroos, other typical animals are Koalas that eat eucalyptus leaves as well as Tasmanian animals. Different demographics from other regions cause some species of animals and therapies to live and breed in Australia. The language used by the majority of Australians is English and the majority of religions are Christian and Catholic. While in Australia, visitors are very easy to get information on tourist attractions, public transportation, lodging and eating places. This information can be easily accessed via the Internet, brochures at the airport or hotel and asks the officials in public places. Currency used in Australia is Australian Dollar and for those of you who are Muslim, do not worry about halal food, easy enough to get restaurants and halal food while in Australia

Something Impossible to Be Real In Dubai

In recent years the city of Dubai is increasingly known as a liaison city, both passengers and cargo from different parts of the world. Over time, Dubai is not only known for its oil-related business but a tourist destination from many countries around the world. Dubai is one of seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is the richest and most expensive city in the UAE. As with cities in the UAE, most areas of Dubai are deserts and sub-tropical but hot and dry weather.

Due to the plane that I was traveling in transit in Dubai then I use this opportunity to stay longer here. I have about 24 hours before returning to Indonesia. Many places I wanted to visit while in Dubai but due to time constraints I had to choose a few places only. For transit in Dubai I have to apply Visa Transit which is valid for 96 hours online and shown when exiting airport immigration. In Dubai Islamic law is applied so there are some things that need to be observed for tourists, especially non-Muslims.



To make my visit in Dubai easier, I decided to buy a tike bus hop on hop off so I could get around the city and see tourist attractions with ease. This bus reaches all the sights and I can stop at the sights I want to see longer or past the sights of the bus. An interesting place to see in Dubai is the Jumeira Mosque which is the largest mosque in the city with Islamic architecture, Hotel Burj Al-Arab which is the only 7 star hotel in the world with a unique modern architectural form. In the evening you can see a panoramic view of the city while relaxing at a coffee shop or shopping mall in Dubai Marina or Palm Islands on Jumeirah which is a palm-shaped pulai.


For those of you shopping lovers, you can visit Gold Souk where you can shop in large quantities of gold or Spice Souk that sells various seasonings with the best price and quality. In both markets it would be better for visitors to use polite attire to prevent unwanted things. Both of these markets do not have adequate air conditioning so you will feel hot and sweaty. To shop with cooler conditions, do not miss your visit to Dubai Mall. Mall is the largest shopping center in Dubai with an area 50 times the size of this football field has 1200 stores that sell various famous brands around the world.



In addition to shops and restaurants, inside the Mall there is a huge Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, as well as Dubai Ice Rink which can accommodate up to 2000 visitors. During the day or night, you can watch a sophisticated fountain show at Burj Lake, on the outside of Dubai Mall. The dance fountain show is packed in a modern way using jet engines, lighting and interesting music. On the ground floor of Dubai Mall, there is an entrance to the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper with an altitude of 829.8 meters beating other pre-existing buildings.


The thing I do not want to miss when visiting Dubai is Safari Desert. As a city located in the desert, Safari Desert became a very selling tourist activity. This activity usually begins since the afternoon, where tourists will be invited to tour the desert by using 4×4 Safari Jeeps car. In the desert area, tourists will walk through the hilly desert so you will feel like climbing a rollercoaster. But do not worry, before you will be required to use the safety soap and jeep that you are riding driven by an experienced driver. If you feel less challenging, in the middle of the journey, you are welcome to do more extreme activities such as sandboards or down the sand dunes with a motorcycle or buggy. By sunset, you will be brought to dinner with belly dance.


Although located in a desert area, you can see artificial snow in large areas, vast flower gardens, modern and tallest buildings in the world, giant aquariums as well as shops selling world brands. Everything can be real in Dubai, a connecting city that is no longer just a liaison but also a destination

Traveling In Macau – China

What comes to mind when hearing the word Macau? Gambling? Most people identify Macau with gambling. Indeed in Macau is the largest gambling place in Asia with 36 casinos in the city that are not big, the number of casinos is still much less than the casinos in Las Vegas but the revenue earned from the gambling business in Macau is able to reach 6 times of income in Las Vegas . Some of the famous casinos in Macau are Casino Lisboa, Sands Macau, The Venetian Macao and Wynn Macau. Most gamblers are Chinese mainland people who willingly gamble for 24 hours non-stop by spending all the money he brings up even mortgaging his belongings. With this gambling license, economic growth in Macau is fast and increasing. In addition to gambling, what can be done if visiting in Macau? In addition to casinos scattered throughout Macau, the Macau City government is also currently trying to boost Macau tourism by promoting historic sites, culture and food.

Previously knowing interesting things in Macau City, let’s see how Macau City itself. Like Macau, Macau is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) which also embraces “one country two systems” such as Hong Kong, so Macau has some advantages with this system, in which Macau manages its own laws and communities in addition to foreign diplomacy and military. Macau is a small area, 29.9 km2 and before becoming a special administrative region in 1999, Macau was under Portuguese rule for over 400 years. So that looks very real difference between Macau and Hong Kong which previously was under the British colony. In Macau, there are many buildings, food and culture that are a blend of Portuguese and Chinese. In Macau there are still many colonial legacy in the old city building of Macau which is like being on the streets of the city in Europe.

Before there were casinos and gambling, most Macau people were fishermen but now the work is just as historical as Macau’s development. Macau consists of the Macau Peninsula and two islands, namely Taipa Island and Coloane, as well as a reclamation area between the two islands, Cotai where there are many of the largest new casinos in the world. Macau has a subtropical climate where taifun often occur so that visitors need to check the weather conditions before visiting Macau. For citizens of Indonesia can visit Macau without obtaining a visa in advance due to an agreement between Macau and Indonesia regarding visa free for citizens of Indonesia for 30 days. Indonesians who want to go to Macau can come directly with the Jakarta-Macau flight or by ferry through Hongkong in about 1 hour. Currency in Macau is Pataca (MOP) which can only be used and exchanged in Macau so if you only visit in a short time you should use Hong Kong Dollar currency because in tourist places, Hongkong currency can be used.

While in Macau City, tourists can get around on public buses, taxis or large hotel buses in Macau such as the Venetian, Wynn, City of Dreams, which provide free shuttle buses from the port to the bus hotel but the bus is for those already aged 18 and above. If you only have a short visit then you can follow the program “city tour” which is offered in the port so you can get around the city of Macau more efficient and effective. In Macau City often held a variety of performances that carry a blend of European and Chinese culture, even some performances such as “House of Dancing Water” must book admission since the day away because of the many enthusiasts for the show.

Macau is a comfortable city to walk on foot while enjoying churches, temples, ancient fortresses or buildings with a blend of Portuguese and Chinese designs and through the passageways between the buildings. This combination of cultures is seen in the statue of Bodhisatta Avalokitesvara or Kwoon Yam which is a statue of a Chinese god but this statue has a design and embodiment like the Virgin Mary commonly found in mainland Europe. For visitors who bring family, you can visit Fisherman’s Wharf which is not far from the ferry port where there is a playground that can be enjoyed by children. Macau is also a place to shop, shopping centers are usually found in major hotels in Macau such as City of Dreams and The Venetian Macau which sells products from world-famous brands. If you want to shop for products or souvenirs then you should shop in Senado Square area where there are many shops and street vendors selling goods at a much cheaper price.

Macau is a comfortable city to walk on foot while enjoying churches, temples, ancient fortresses or buildings with a blend of Portuguese and Chinese designs and through the passageways between the buildings. This combination of cultures is seen in the statue of Bodhisatta Avalokitesvara or Kwoon Yam which is a statue of a Chinese god but this statue has a design and embodiment like the Virgin Mary commonly found in mainland Europe. For visitors who bring family, you can visit Fisherman’s Wharf which is not far from the ferry port where there is a playground that can be enjoyed by children. Macau is also a place to shop, shopping centers are usually found in major hotels in Macau such as City of Dreams and The Venetian Macau which sells products from world-famous brands. If you want to shop for products or souvenirs then you should shop in Senado Square area where there are many shops and street vendors selling goods at a much cheaper price.



Traveling In Bangkok – Thailand

Sawadikaap is a welcome greeting in Thai. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand located in Southeast Asia, only about 3 hours flight from Jakarta. Weather conditions, geographically resembling Jakarta make many Indonesians make Bangkok as a tourist destination and shopping, this is supported by the number of cheap ticket promo from various airlines. Suvarnabhumi Airport which artinga The Golden Land is a Bangkok airport which started operation since 28 September 2006 with modern design so that it can accommodate more air traffic than Bangkok International Airport which is the previous airport.

Visiting Bangkok can be either tour or private. The benefits of following the tour, you are not bothered to take care of airline tickets, hotel reservations, accommodation, places to eat and so forth. But by following the tour, usually you will spend a more expensive. If you visit Bangkok individually, you will be free to specify the airline, hotel, destination or long time of the place you visit even if you have to book your own ticket and hotel and prepare and research the accommodation and destination you will visit first. Bangkok city people are pretty much able to speak English and Indonesian especially in public places or shopping so it is very helpful to tourists from Indonesia

Thailand embraces the Monarchy-Constitutional system in which the royal system is still valid even though it has no power in government. So the Grand Palace is a tourist place that needs to be visited by the tourists. The Grand Palace complex dates back to 1782, comprising the residence of the royal family, several government buildings and the Emerald Buddha temple. But the area that visitors can enter is limited to temples used for worship and religious ceremonies. Ornaments used in the Grand Palace complex are many that use layers or made of real gold that add to the beauty of these buildings. The location of this complex is not far from the Chao Praya River, so you can walk to the river by passing the traditional market that sells food and fruits typical of Thailand that you miss.

Buddhism is the majority religion in Thailand so one of the main tourist attractions in Bangkok is Wat Arun temple. Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn is a Buddhist temple located on the Chao Praya river. To reach Wat Arun temple, the best transportation is by boat because it is located on the edge of the river. Before heading to Wat Arun, you can walk along the Chao Praya River by boat and see the scenery around while shopping for souvenirs or fruits sold by merchants from their boats. There is a local belief if you can see a silvery white catfish, it is believed you will have good luck. You can also enjoy Dinner Cruise with the beauty of the river at night by special boat. The beauty of the Wat Arun temple is a 79-meter-tall pagoda that you can see from the Chao Praya River, which is becoming more and more beautiful if you see it at sunset. In addition to those of you who like to shop, in the area of ​​Wat Arun temple there is a traditional market that sells typical Thai goods at wholesale prices and this is a favorite place of tourists from Indonesia even you can use the Rupiah currency to buy groceries.

Starting December 2010, Bangkok has Madame Tussauds Wax Museum where exhibiting world-celebrity candle statues from both Asia and Hollywood. The museum is located on the 6th floor of Siam Discovery which is quite easy to visit for those of you who want to see and take pictures along with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, David Beckham, Michelle Yeoh, Doraemon and others. On the second floor you can see how to make wax sculpture and souvenirs typical of Thailand. The museum is not too big as previously imagined so it does not take a long time to surround this whole place. Inside this Siam Discovery, there is also Siam Ocean World which is very interesting for children who want to know about the beauty and marine habitat.

Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok Thailand

Siam Discovery is one of Bangkok’s famous shopping malls so you can shop around and shop at this place. On foot, you can head to Mah Boon Krong (MBK), a shopping center that is one of the main destinations of Indonesian tourists. This shopping center is like “Mangga Dua” – Bangkok. Here you can find many kinds of goods with much cheaper price such as clothes, shoes, electronics, accessories and so on. For those of you shopping enthusiast, a day at this place will feel less but in this place, do not forget to bid every price given to get the best price. Even on certain days you can watch the Thai Boxing game held in the courtyard of this MBK page, this match is done for both male and female boxers from Thailand and other countries. Thai Boxing is a typical Thai boxing where boxers can fight by hand and foot that are not allowed in other boxing matches.

In addition to MBK, you can also visit other shopping centers in Bangkok such as Platinum or Central Plaza to satisfy your desire to shop while you are in Bangkok. At the weekend, in Bangkok there is Chatuchak Market which is a gathering place sellers with a wide range of merchandise here. Chatuchak market is the largest traditional market in the world which is held only every weekend. Here you can buy all kinds of goods and food. Do not expect to feel the coolness of air conditioning because in this market you will be crowded with many people under the hot sun of Bangkok. The large number of sellers and buyers in this market is causing heavy traffic in the market but this is a chance you will miss if you spend the weekend in Bangkok.

Bangkok Thailand
Central Plaza

Thailand is known as an easy and inexpensive place to perform plastic surgery, especially sex change operation, from male to female or vice versa. Therefore Cabaret Show became one of the show] stage that became the selling power in Thailand, as well as Bangkok. Cabaret Show is a dance and music show performed by ladyboys or transgender. Your visit to Thailand is not complete without watching this show, the transgender looks very beautiful, elegant and professional. There are several places that organize this show which is performed daily and on average there are 3 shows per day. At least it’s an experience for you to know a little about nightlife in Bangkok. Bangkok night life is very crowded but all activities must be stopped at 2 am as the provisions of the local government.

Tour To The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall is one of the main tourist attractions in China, it seems incomplete if visiting China without visiting this place, China’s wall is the longest building ever made by humans and is said to be the only man-made object which can be seen from months despite being denied by NASA, this remarkable wall of giants has been built hundreds of years ago.

Most tourists come to the Great Wall of China departing from downtown Beijing by driving about 2.5 hours, during a trip through the highway with views of hilly areas are quite arid. Arriving in the parking area tourists will be offered a kind of certificate as a proof that the tourists have been to the Wall of China, this certificate will be taken when you come home by paying Rp. 60.000, the shape is quite unique, made of bamboo plate tied with yarn, similar to the letters made in the dynasty of China in the past, complete with Chinese writing and your name is engraved on it. From this parking area visitors have seen the beauty of china wall.

Great Wall of China

Not far from the parking area there is a public toilet, tourists should use it while it can be because inside the Wall area of ​​China there is no toilet.

About 100 meters from the parking lot is the main gate, here visitors can buy entrance tickets, the price is around Rp. 80,000, after passing through the entrance which is fogged with your security detector and has been inside the Wall of China.

The first thing that you pass is a garden with long stools lined and souvenir shops selling such as coffee and others, more or less a kind of minimarkets that sell souvenirs, this place can also be used as a place to wait for tourists who for some reason can not climb to the top of the wall giant china that does have a fairly steep road.

After passing the area, you will arrive at the first temple, this place is the starting point of the uphill path to the post of 1 Wall of China, there are 8 stations of view post that can be visited by tourists, but do make sure your physical condition in prime condition because the road between post in over the Chinese wall is uphill and decreased quite sharply. In addition to its steep topography, the Wall area of China is also highly exposed by sunlight so it is very likely you will experience dehydration even though the air is cold, make sure you bring drinking water while in the region. In the uphill and declining areas, the distance between the stairs to each other is quite far / high, making it quite tiring to climb.

China Wall area besides beautiful and keep a long history also has a clean and well maintained environment, the Chinese government seems to really keep the cleanliness of this place.

Tour Tips To China

China is one of the most attractive tourist destinations to visit, this great country with very strong cultural roots has many tourist attractions in the form of historical relics of civilization and culture of the past, in the form of buildings such as the Great Wall of China (Juyong Guan Great Wall) , Forbidden City, Temple Of Heaven built in the Ming Dynasty, and many others.

China is also a very advanced country as well as one of the world’s largest economic power. It can be seen from modern buildings in big cities such as enjoying the scenery of The Bund and Huang Pu River, modern shopping malls, modern transportation such as trains fast and highways that greatly help the mobility of tourists to see the attractiveness of China spread over vast territory.

However, for most foreign tourists including tourists from Indonesia to explore China as well as providing challenges, such as language, food, weather, culture and others, but true this challenge also at the same time gives a deep impression for tourists.

China Tourism

Here are tips for tourists who will visit China:

1. This is a general rule on every international flight: in a carry bag (carry carry / bag brought into the cabin of the aircraft) is prohibited from carrying goods in liquid and gel form, such as liquid soap, toothpaste, hair oil and so forth, explosive materials such as gas lighters are also prohibited. Do not bring sharp objects such as nail clippers, cutter knives and so on, make sure you do not carry these items on the flight to China.Apabila you bring batrai (power bank or camera battery) the goods will also be checked by the airport entrance petuga to ensure security.

2. Winter in China takes place from December to March, at times this temperature will be very cold and in some places snow. If you are visiting in winter, bring a sweater (jacket) with good quality, because the temperature will be very cold, especially for indonesians who come from the equator with warm temperatures. Warm underwear (long jhon) is also highly recommended to carry. Bring lip balms and skin moisturizers and personal medicines. Winter is not the perfect time to travel in China, but it can provide its own ultimate experience for travelers from a country with only two seasons.

3. The best time to visit China is during autumn around the month of October and November, just like autumn in Europe, the leaves seem to change color so it is very beautiful to see, the temperature also become quite comfortable for tourists from various countries.

4. During the trip, bring an umbrella and use comfortable and strong shoes, because most of your tour time will be spent on foot outside the room. Bring drinking water and make sure your body is not dehydrated.

5. The country currency of China is Yuan / RMB, prepare the money that you will bring with first exchange your Rupiah currency with Yuan in Money Changer before departure. 1 yuan / RMB is approximately equal to Rp. 2,000.

6. The time difference between China and Jakarta is 1 hour faster.

7. Main food in China in the form of Chinese Food, this type of food is mostly not suitable with the tongue of Indonesian people in general, it’s good you bring backup food such as instant noodles, abon or other dry food for supplies.

8. The electricity voltage in China is the same as in Indonesia which is 220 Volt, but the shape of the electrical outlet is different, we suggest you bring Universal Travel Adapters that you can buy in stores that sell traveling tools.

9. China has its own language, and very few of them are able to speak English. If necessary you should use the services of tour guides to further facilitate communication with local communities such as denan souvenir sellers, restaurant waiters and others.

10. The streets of China are vulnerable by theft and pickpocketing, do not use jewelry or luggage that stand out, and remain vigilant and careful during the trip.

11. Keep your passport in good condition, because if it is lost the caretaker will be very difficult and takes days, it is better you keep your valuables in the safe box / savety box available at the hotel.

12. Type Mobile used in China is GSM and most have become roaming partner of all GSM provider.