An Aspen Vacation with Friends

We knew that we wanted to go on a ski vacation, but we were not sure where to go because there are so many fantastic ski destinations throughout the world. We considered so many places but ended up looking at luxury rentals for Aspen because it really is the best place when it comes down to it. There is so much to do, plus it is just a short flight away. Now that we had determined we were going to go there, I had to find a nice two bedroom rental since our best friends were going to be with us on this trip.

It did not take us very long to determine which rental we wanted to get. There is one available on the tenth floor and has the most incredible views I have ever seen. Both of the bedrooms are really nice, and each one has its own en suite bath area. We knew that we would be on the slopes for the majority of the day, but having such a nice rental to come back to every evening really made this the perfect destination vacation for all four of us.

Though it is smaller than what we are all used to, it was still plenty big enough. There was a third bathroom available for use, and the living room boasted a huge fireplace that we took full advantage of every night. I think my favorite part other than lounging around the fireplace was the private balcony that my husband and I had all to ourselves. Our friends had their own balcony with their own incredible view, and the four of us were just in awe when looking all around us. It really made us feel very thankful that we are fortunate enough to be able to do things like that.