Tour Tips To China

China is one of the most attractive tourist destinations to visit, this great country with very strong cultural roots has many tourist attractions in the form of historical relics of civilization and culture of the past, in the form of buildings such as the Great Wall of China (Juyong Guan Great Wall) , Forbidden City, Temple Of Heaven built in the Ming Dynasty, and many others.

China is also a very advanced country as well as one of the world’s largest economic power. It can be seen from modern buildings in big cities such as enjoying the scenery of The Bund and Huang Pu River, modern shopping malls, modern transportation such as trains fast and highways that greatly help the mobility of tourists to see the attractiveness of China spread over vast territory.

However, for most foreign tourists including tourists from Indonesia to explore China as well as providing challenges, such as language, food, weather, culture and others, but true this challenge also at the same time gives a deep impression for tourists.

China Tourism

Here are tips for tourists who will visit China:

1. This is a general rule on every international flight: in a carry bag (carry carry / bag brought into the cabin of the aircraft) is prohibited from carrying goods in liquid and gel form, such as liquid soap, toothpaste, hair oil and so forth, explosive materials such as gas lighters are also prohibited. Do not bring sharp objects such as nail clippers, cutter knives and so on, make sure you do not carry these items on the flight to China.Apabila you bring batrai (power bank or camera battery) the goods will also be checked by the airport entrance petuga to ensure security.

2. Winter in China takes place from December to March, at times this temperature will be very cold and in some places snow. If you are visiting in winter, bring a sweater (jacket) with good quality, because the temperature will be very cold, especially for indonesians who come from the equator with warm temperatures. Warm underwear (long jhon) is also highly recommended to carry. Bring lip balms and skin moisturizers and personal medicines. Winter is not the perfect time to travel in China, but it can provide its own ultimate experience for travelers from a country with only two seasons.

3. The best time to visit China is during autumn around the month of October and November, just like autumn in Europe, the leaves seem to change color so it is very beautiful to see, the temperature also become quite comfortable for tourists from various countries.

4. During the trip, bring an umbrella and use comfortable and strong shoes, because most of your tour time will be spent on foot outside the room. Bring drinking water and make sure your body is not dehydrated.

5. The country currency of China is Yuan / RMB, prepare the money that you will bring with first exchange your Rupiah currency with Yuan in Money Changer before departure. 1 yuan / RMB is approximately equal to Rp. 2,000.

6. The time difference between China and Jakarta is 1 hour faster.

7. Main food in China in the form of Chinese Food, this type of food is mostly not suitable with the tongue of Indonesian people in general, it’s good you bring backup food such as instant noodles, abon or other dry food for supplies.

8. The electricity voltage in China is the same as in Indonesia which is 220 Volt, but the shape of the electrical outlet is different, we suggest you bring Universal Travel Adapters that you can buy in stores that sell traveling tools.

9. China has its own language, and very few of them are able to speak English. If necessary you should use the services of tour guides to further facilitate communication with local communities such as denan souvenir sellers, restaurant waiters and others.

10. The streets of China are vulnerable by theft and pickpocketing, do not use jewelry or luggage that stand out, and remain vigilant and careful during the trip.

11. Keep your passport in good condition, because if it is lost the caretaker will be very difficult and takes days, it is better you keep your valuables in the safe box / savety box available at the hotel.

12. Type Mobile used in China is GSM and most have become roaming partner of all GSM provider.